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Hepi Tipene

Rodney Insulation Ltd. has been operating out of Orewa for over 25 years in the Rodney area and has been operated by Hepi Tipene since 1992. Since then Rodney Insulation Ltd. Has been supplying and installing insulation into new and existing homes and commercial buildings throughout Rodney, North shore and Kaipara areas. In recent years Rodney Insulation Ltd. has expanded its operations further north and south of these areas due to popular demand of our products and workmanship. As independent operators we supply and install various products to suit your situation and budget to achieve the best result. We are dedicated to working with the builder/homeowner to achieve the best possible insulation result.

Using Rodney Insulation will save you money on insulation because:

  • We only deal in insulation
  • By using the best product for your situation, your insulation preferences/needs will be met
  • We measure and quote accurately
  • We source directly from the manufacturers so our overheads are lower and so are our prices

Take advantage of our experienced team at Rodney Insulation Ltd. for quality controlled installation of one of your buildings greatest assets.We often see other products installed with edge gaps of 15mm or more, which is not only an almost total waste of money in purchasing the insulation to begin with, but will create ongoing unnecessary heating bills, a cooler and damper environment in the home, along with condensation, mould and mildew problems.

On our product pages you will find explanations and examples of the products we use, why we use them, the purpose of insulation, how it works and the reasons why we use one product over the other for varying situations, our range of products all meet the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

With over 22 years of experience and being very fastidious on the workmanship Hepi has trained his team of installers to conform to very high standards of workmanship. Rodney Insulation Ltd. has become known as the one to call for all your insulation needs and advice. Please feel free to browse through our website check out our products and methods and contact us for references and/or a no obligation quote. We look forward to working with you to achieve the most affordable and optimal insulation result.

Call us at Rodney Insulation Ltd. Free phone 0800 857 232 for professional workmanship, advice and products, from an experienced team who know the pitfalls and how to avoid them. We will save you money, discomfort and problems, both initially and in the long term.

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